moscow mule cocktail in copper mug

There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a nice, ice cold Moscow Mule. It’s one of the best summertime cocktails, mixing ginger beer, vodka, and a splash of lime. While the Moscow Mule has become one of our favorite mixed drinks, we’re not entirely sure which is better: the drink or the copper mug that it’s served in.

If you’ve ever ordered a Moscow Mule (and if the bar did it correctly) you will notice that it comes in a nice, shiny copper mug. Even though there are a few bars in existence that don’t understand the copper mug and the Moscow Mule come hand in hand, the mug has become a signature piece to the Mule. Have you ever wondered how and why the Mug and Mule combo originated? Here, Copper Chef reviews the history behind it.

Since its arrival to bars everywhere in the 1940’s the Moscow Mule has traditionally been served in a beautiful copper mug. Aside from the aesthetic, there are two main reasons why it has always been served this way. These two reasons are the taste and the temperature.

If you’ve ever cooked in copper, you know the copper tends to enhance the flavors of the food. The same goes for the Moscow Mule. The copper in the mule has a (mostly subjective) way of enhancing the combined flavors of ginger beer, vodka, and lime. It’s believed that when this drink was first served, it was noted how the vodka would oxidize the copper. Contrary to what oxidation does to wine, it actually makes the Moscow Mule better.

One of the more steadfast and factual reasons for using a copper mug to serve your Moscow Mule is for the consistency of temperature. Not only is copper a good conductor of heat, but it does a great job keeping drinks consistently cooled. This is due to the metal instantly becoming chilled and absorbing the cold. The design of the mug, with the expanded handle, ensures that your hands do not come in contact with the mug, accidentally warming it up.

Next time you’re at the bar ordering your Moscow Mule, sit back, enjoy your drink, and think of all of the information you just learned about the beautiful copper mug you’re holding.




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