We all love fun gadgets, especially when those gadgets are shiny and new. While some people are opting for functional stainless steel appliances and gadgets, an increasing number of home décor companies are introducing copper based products into their lineups as well. While none can compare to the Copper Chef pots and pans, here, Copper Chef reviews a few of the best copper designed gadgets that you need now.

Copper Wine Opener

You may feel fancy drinking a glass of wine, but you’ll feel even fancier when you break out your copper wine opener. This beauty is a solid copper piece with a low maintenance finish. The corrosion resistant finish makes this a long standing piece in your kitchen.

Copper Ice Bucket

If your first thought when you hear the words “ice bucket” is the plastic ones from hotel rooms, then it’s time to upgrade your way of thinking. This copper ice bucket is just the piece to do that. This handcrafted, hammered ice bucket is a perfect dinner party item to accent any kitchen or dining room. We can’t forget to mention that it’s shaped like a pineapple, making it a fun conversational piece as well.

Copper Tea Kettle
There’s nothing more comforting than putting on a nice pot of tea at the end of the day. Now, you can enjoy it a little more with this gorgeous copper tea kettle. It’s sleek design and gorgeous coloring will look gorgeous on top of your stove and gives your kitchen the warm look that it needs.


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