You’ve moved out of mom and dad’s home and have officially exhausted your taste for ramen and fast food. It’s about time that you learned how to cook like any adult who wants to survive should. Well, we’re here to help. There are a number of great products out there that were made for people like you. Every top of the line has humble beginnings of burning their first piece of toast or boiling out of all their water from the pot. It happens, but what you have that they didn’t is this list of handy tools that Copper Chef will review for the beginner chef.

Chef’s Knife
Every good (and bad) chef needs a good knife. A solid chef’s knife can cut through anything and is hands down the quintessential tool needed in the kitchen. From slicing to dicing, a chef’s knife will become your best friend. While you can always upgrade to a better, more industrial one, you can find a good stainless steel chef’s knife at any restaurant supply store. Be sure to pick up a good cutting board too while you are there.

Measuring Spoons
Eye-balling ingredients is not an inherited trait. Just because you watched your parents do it while they cooked does not necessarily mean you will be able to do it too. To avoid adding too much oil or not enough salt, Copper Chef suggests getting measuring spoons to add to your kitchen. These handy tools make it easy to measure out all of your necessary ingredients. Be sure to get two sets: one for dry ingredients and one for wet ingredients.

Pots and Pans
Hands down one of the most important tools that a chef can have is a good set of pots and pans. While some prefer to go with stainless steel for their beginning set, others have opted for copper pots and pans to get them started. Copper is an excellent conduit of heat and can help even the most novice of cooks learn their way around heat and the kitchen.



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