0075235681549_B_EnhanYou’ve seen them on your TV; beautiful copper pots and pans adorning the screen, making culinary masterpieces that you can’t wait to try on your own. From the copper casserole pot to the newly released Copper Chef XL, it’s almost hard to believe that these elite pots and pans have been around for less than 5 years.

If it feels like they have been around longer, there’s a good reason. This August, TriStar Products, the manufacturer of Copper Chef, celebrates 25 years of directly bringing you the best culinary, fitness, health & beauty and many more categories of products to your TV sets and ultimately your homes.  Since 1992, TriStar Products has been the leader in domestic and international direct response marketing across a wide variety of consumer categories. One of their newest and biggest selling products is the Copper Chef, a set of beautifully crafted copper cookware that every chef should have.

Over the past couple of years, Copper Chef has continuously brought forth great products in their growing line of copper cookware. Their most recent addition, the Copper Chef XL, solves the age-old problem of cooking a large amount of food at one time. The innovative square design of the Copper Chef XL, which also includes state-of-the-art Cerami Tech Nonstick Technology, makes it easier than ever to cook for large families or group gatherings.

With over 1 million Copper Chef pieces sold and an abundance of glowing 5-star reviews online, Copper Chef has been making a strong name for itself in its young years of existence. In addition to the Copper Chef XL, the Copper Chef line includes all of the necessary pieces you need to stock your kitchen. Deep square pan, casserole pan, frying pan, Copper Chef has you covered. For a little creative inspiration, you can find a number of great recipes and videos on the site and Copper Chef’s Youtube channel.

Since their inception, the makers of Copper Chef have been answering questions that consumers have had answers to for years. How to make fried foods healthier? What is the most efficient metal to use for cooking? So on and so forth. As the leaders in home cookware and appliance for the past 25 years, seeing what the makers of Copper Chef have in store for the next 25 years should be equally exciting.




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