AdobeStock_103516113.jpegYou’ve seen the word creeping up in menus and cooking shows all over the world. Some of your favorite celebrities even eat this way. Veganism has quickly gained popularity as one of the more sustainable and healthy ways to eat. The world of veganism is all about cutting out animal products and by-products from your regular life, including cooking, clothing, and cleaning. While the intricacies of switching from your regular diet to a vegan one is quite hard, Copper Chef makes it easy to start learning how to make some of your soon-to-be new favorite dishes.

If there is one thing that everyone- including vegans- love, it’s a great one pot meal. Many delicious vegan recipes are ideal for cutting down on dishes and kicking up the flavor. Here, we list 4 of our favorite vegan one pot meals that can be easily cooked in the Copper Chef 6-in-1 pan.

5 Ingredient Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili
As Summer is coming to a sad end, it’s time to start thinking of warm weather foods. One staple that every chef should have their fall cooking sleeve is a nice chili. This particular chili is perfect for the Summer/Fall transition as it uses one of Falls’ best flavors: sweet potatoes. With 5 ingredients (onion, black beans, sweet potato, veggie stock, and salsa), it doesn’t get any easier or flavorful than this 5 ingredient chili.

Summer Vegetable and Pastas in White Wine Lemon Sauce
When most people get a nice delivery of vegetables, they immediately think salad. Think outside the box for a minute. Nothing says classic one pot meal like a good pasta dish. Despite the previous recipe, summer is not quite over yet. For that, we can still enjoy summer vegetables in white wine sauce atop a plate of our favorite pasta. With your assortment of veggies, delicious herbs, and favorite pasta in your Copper Chef, this will certainly be your new favorite summertime dish.

Butternut Squash Ramen Noodle Bowl
Not only is this dish a refined spin on a college classic, it can easily be prepared in 10 minutes or less. Ramen has a way of invoking warm feelings that other soups and pastas just fail to capture. The creativity is endless when it comes to preparing ramen bowls, and this butternut squash recipe is no different. Combining butternut squash, tofu, and fresh pea shoots as the main ingredients; you’ll want to make enough for lunch the next day to enjoy over and over.


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