It’s that time of year again for college students everywhere: Winter Break! Finals are wrapping up and the halls are emptying. College students all across the country are preparing their dorms and apartments for the winter while they spend the next 2-3 weeks back at home with their family and hometown friends. This mass exodus back home leaves many college dorms and apartments void of life.

While you’re back home with your family and friends enjoying the holiday season, the last thing you want is to return to a dorm room damaged by an open window or leaky fridge. This can really make adjusting to your Spring semester a trial. With that in mind, Copper Chef reviews a checklist for college students to go over before leaving for their winter break.

Take All Valuable Items
You may be trying to pack light on your way home so you have space to bring things back with you. That’s completely understandable. However, you should always take your valuable items with you. Valuable items include your personal documents (passport, birth certificate, social security card, etc), jewelry, electronics, and money. At the very least, keep your items in a safe. While no one is on campus, it’s very easy for someone to burglarize dorms and other campus housing. Keep your belongings safe.
Remove Perishable Items

Another tip on the checklist that Copper Chef reviews is to remove all perishable items from your fridge and kitchen area. The last thing you want is to come home to a room filled with fruit flies, maggots, and the smell of rotten food. With Winter break usually lasting about 2-3 weeks, even a full month, it’s possible that you will find some unsanitary situations if you don’t take the time to clean out food that will expire while you’re gone.

Additionally, if your dorm requires that you defrost your mini fridge before break, don’t wait until the day you leave to do it. You will come back to giant puddle and water damage that could be costly. Give yourself some time to defrost your fridge before you leave for break.

Unplug Appliances
Finally, unplug all of your appliances before you. Remove all electronics from outlets and turn off circuit breakers. Leaving your electronics plugged in will still pull electricity and cost you money. Do this as a cost-saving method as well as a way to be eco-friendly.

Take these tidbits that Copper Chef reviews and apply them to your checklist before you leave. Above all, enjoy your winter break with your family and friends. Rest up and be ready to tackle spring semester like a champ.


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