“I’m going to develop better eating habits.”

“I will spend less on eating out and spend more time cooking at home.”

Do these sentences sound familiar? They should. Chances are they at one time or another were a promise that you made to yourself. This is especially true during this time of the year when we consider what our resolutions will be for next year. Everyone wants to be healthy, but eating healthy is the trick. Battles are won and lost in the kitchen, and that specifically means what you choose to put into your body. One of the best ways to keep your promise of being healthy is to cook more meals at home. If cooking isn’t your thing, this blog is for you.

Many people shy away from cooking for whatever reason, whether lack of time, lack of desire, or lack of skill. This blog is for all the above. Here, Copper Chef reviews a few ways to turn you from a Fast Food Fanatic to a Home Kitchenista.

Buy a Cookbook
This is the first step, hands down. And don’t just choose any cookbook. You need a cookbook that educates on technique and preparation. Essentially, you should consider your cookbook an investment. A good cookbook is a great way to teach you about the various need-to-know-aspects of the kitchen. From how to properly dice to perfecting the golden brown crust on fried chicken, a technique teaching cookbook is worth having in your arsenal. You’ll even have a ton of recipes on hand for any occasion.

Comfort First
A proven method with helping you teach yourself to cook is to start with what you like. Many people make the mistake of choosing a recipe that they saw on TV as their starting point. You need to have a personal connection to the changes that you want to make. Start your first time in the kitchen by making your favorite dish or comfort food. If Indian cuisine is your favorite, start by finding your recipes for your favorite Indian dishes and making those. You’ll pick up on techniques and have your favorite foods at the ready.

Tidy Workspace
Having a messy workspace in any regards never serves anyone. This is especially true for the kitchen. For you to want to be in your kitchen, you’ll want to keep it clean. Having a messy workspace can be overwhelming and not an enjoyable experience. Keep your kitchen organized and tidy, and you’ll notice how you gravitate towards being in the kitchen more.




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