It’s that time of year again, and it’s magical! No, we’re not talking about Christmas. We’re talking about March Madness; the next major sporting event to occur after the Super Bowl and another wonderful reason to throw a viewing party. There’s something genuinely nice about watching young, talented athletes compete before reaching the professional levels of their career. Every year, it seems March Madness gets more and more exciting, and we think the snacks should follow this same trend.

Here, we share some fun takes and buzzer-beating bites that you’ll want by your side for every minute of the March Madness action.

Three in the Key Chili
If you didn’t think you could make chili on the go, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible. This quick mini chili recipe is the perfect big game appetizer to make for you and your friends. This recipe will only take about 30 minutes in your Copper Chef to make and is perfectly portioned for each individual. The best part about this recipe is that the bread bowl makes the entire dish edible. Just be careful not to bite your fingers while eating. They’re that enjoyable!

Double Dribble Chicken Dippers

Chicken tenders and wings are a traditional party favorite, a time-honored tradition of sporting event fanfare. However, as is the same with choosing pizza toppings, selecting a wing flavor that everyone loves can be hard. For this recipe, we suggest either making your chicken tenders in a variety of fun flavors or make the wings/tenders plain and leave out dipping sauces. Tie the theme together with dipping sauces that represent each region from the tournament.

Cut the Nets Coconut Cream Tarts
Whether it’s your team cutting down the nets at the end of the big dance or a rival team, you’ll come out on top with these coconut cream tarts. Every party needs a good dessert and we guarantee you that this is it. You can quickly prepare them the night before or a few hours before and allow them to chill. The colder, the better.  Delicious coconut custard layered onto a flaky tart shell is the perfect combination of flavors to culminate the college basketball season.

Whether you’re watching the games alone or throwing a March Madness viewing party, our Copper Chef review of some great snacks for you to try will certainly be the game-winner.



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